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school consultation

School Consultation

From the time you contact us, our process begins with gathering important information to assess and train your staff as follows...

Initial Consult

An interview will take place with directors and teachers regarding the classroom structure, current curriculum, IEP goals, data collection procedures, behavior concerns, and current behavioral procedures.

Staff Training

Staff training will be conducted on the necessary interventions selected for target.  This may include classroom wide strategies, data collections procedures, curriculum as well as individualized student plans.

Classroom Curriculum included

Assessments will be conducted on behavior, language, and

development which will include teacher interviews and direct observation. Our highly researched curriculum designed especially for children with special needs will be implmented.

Follow up, ongoing feedback

Teacher training and feedback from the PhD level behavioral consultant is important in making effective progress.  Teachers and staff will play an integral role in the child's progress. Data driven decisions will be made to make ongoing changes.

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