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ABA therapy

Clinic Based Therapy

From the time you contact us, our process begins with gathering important information to assess and treat your child as follows...


Once you have been referred to us from your pediatrician, insurance company, or a friend, our team will work with you to approve services with your insurance company, if needed.


Your child will be assessed on language, behavior, cognition, and developmental skills by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst-Doctoral level (BCBA-D). This will be done through parent interviews and direct assessment.

Plan & Therapy

Based on the assessment process and parent goals, a plan will be developed by a PhD level Board Certified Behavior Analyst.   Sessions will consist of direct one on one therapy using highly researched and effective curriculum and program planning.

Ongoing Updates & Training

Parents will play an integral role in your child's therapy process.  Updates will be made based on data collected as your child makes progress and new programs will be added to the plan to continue meeting goals.

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