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Emergent Learning Clinic DSM-Ankeny was founded by Dr. Autumn McKeel. She graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, and a Ph.D. in Rehabilitation with an emphasis on Applied Behavior Analysis.  After teaching as a professor of Applied Behavior Analysis, the need for clinical practice in this area of research was seen as a gap to fill.  With over ten years of practicing and conducting research in Behavior Analysis, developed the clinic to assess and treat children in need of innovative behavioral interventions


What is ABA?


Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the only evidence based therapy that exists to treat children with behavior concerns.  It is used widely to increase desired behaviors such as communication skills, social skills, play skills, safety skills and many more.  It is also used to decrease undesirable behaviors such as aggression, language deficits, communication concerns, safety concerns, and more. Although ABA is well known for treating behaviors in children diagnosed with autism, it can be used to change behaviors in any disorder or typically developing children as well.


PEAK Education

Emergent Learning Clinic was developed to serve the populations in need of behavior analytic services.  This is not to simply provide typical ABA services, but rather to provide the most current research based interventions to teach children to be adaptive to their environment.  For decades, researchers in ABA have been studying learning theories which produce the most naturalistic way of learning, however, clinical application of current theories is uncommon.  The goal is to teach children to learn how to learn! PEAK Relational Training System is an assessment and curriculum that does just that. Children will make improvements in a clinical setting that will raise their skills closer to their peers and beyond. Highly researched and utilized globally, this tool helps providers teach developmental, cognitive, behavioral, and life skills to individuals.


Who can receive services?

  • Children with or without a diagnosis

  • Not only children with autism

  • Typically developing children

  • Ages 2-22

  • Parents and families as a whole

  • Teachers in need of a classroom curriculum

  • Children with behaviors which are problematic

  • Children in need of language and communication skills

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Widely used by many professionals, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy is behaviorally based and is the foundation of the AIM curriculum used with individuals in need of coping strategies. This therapy is incorporated in to groups with children and adults. Consultation services provide the AIM curriculum to utilize with children with behavior and emotional disorders. Highly researched and utilized nationally, this tool has helped many therapists and children.


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